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Karen Woodbury - Statement


     Look for the edges, that's where you will find me.


     I'm in the place where the land meets the sky, where the city abuts the forest, where consciousness transforms into the dream world. At the edges are the depth of field and the well of abundance,  the silence surrounded by noise, the dusk and the dawn. The space between life and death. 

     My work celebrates all that springs from the edges. A cacophony of light, energy, pattern, and color. 


     Working as “Porcha Bella Clown” I paint, I collage, and I dabble in mixed media. I'm also a really good cook. And I'm writing a novel.




I have a studio at my farmhouse retreat in rural Iowa and another in Chicago. I produce shows and arts events in both locations. I'm always looking for co-conspirators and welcome everyone to join me for one of my creative retreats at the farmhouse. 

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